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2021 Hawai'i State Harm Reduction Conference

January 7-9, 2021

This year, we came together to celebrate 25 years of our conference and broadening the reach of harm reduction in the islands. Mahalo for your attendance!  Please find an archive of our conference program and recordings of our sessions below.


"The Future Is Harm Reduction"


Harm Reduction is a philosophy and set of strategies for working with people engaged in potentially harmful behaviors. The main objective is to reduce the potential dangers and health risks associated with such behaviors, even for those who are not willing or able to completely stop. Harm reduction uses a non-judgmental, holistic and individualized approach to support incremental change & increase the health and well-being of individuals and communities.

The 2021 conference theme is “The Future is Harm Reduction.” Our sessions will explore how current societal issues can be aided by a harm reduction approach to mitigate the complexities individuals and communities contend with as they advocate for social change.

DAY 1: JANUARY 7, 2021

DAY 2: JANUARY 8, 2021

DAY 3: JANUARY 9, 2021

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MARCH 31, 3PM 


Join us as we come together to celebrate our local transgender community. Show your support and hear from leaders in our state about celebrating and protecting our transgender 'ohana.   

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