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Hawaiʻi Gay Kickball League

In the seventh season of Hawaiʻi's Gay Kickball League, HHHRC brought together a staff team to play some ball! This season, the games were every Saturday from January to March. Each Saturday, there was a theme, and every team was very spirited, to say the least. We had a pajama day, wig day, rainbow day, and a yummy potluck at the end of the season. Most teams from the league have been playing for some time, and when we joined this season, they welcomed us with open arms. The friendships and connections we made during our time will stay with us well past the League. This community-building activity was made possible by Nā Lei Aloha Foundation, which continuously supports HHHRC’s wellness programs and activities. We have already started planning for a dodgeball tournament and can’t wait to see everyone again.

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