KITV Morning Interview with HHHRC’s Heather Lusk

HHHRC Executive Director Heather Lusk appeared on KITV news on January 22 to discuss a new report card from the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable that grades each state on their viral hepatitis policies.

Hawaii scored a “B,” pointing to problems with specialist prior authorization insurance requirements and the lack of hepatitis prevention, screening, and treatment in the state’s prisons, and lack of regularly updated surveillance data. States that received an "A" grade include Louisiana, Indiana, Washington, Michigan, New York, and California.

Heather is also the Co-Director of Hep Free Hawai῾i, which working with 120 stakeholders from across Hawai῾i to eliminate viral hepatitis on a statewide basis.

“Hawai῾i remains well-positioned to become a national leader in prevention, screening, and treatment of viral hepatitis A, B, and C,” she said.

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