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National Public Health Week

The Hawaiʻi Public Health Association (HPHA) celebrated National Public Health Week by hosting a virtual event on Thursday, April 6. The theme for the 2023 National Public Health Week was “Centering and Celebrating Cultures in Health,” and several of our very own HHHRC staff were invited as panelists to share about the work they do in the community. Shalani Placencia and Maddison Moliga, peer navigators for HHHRC’s Kuaʻana Project, highlighted the work they provide for the transgender community on Oʻahu, and Kekoaopololū (Kekoa) Kealoha, HIV Program Manager, and Raymond Alejo, Community Registered Nurse, presented on the decolonization of HIV care among Native Hawaiian communities. While HHHRC supported the event by serving as a sponsor, Ryan White Administrative Manager, Anika Martin, also serves on HPHA’s Board of Directors as Oʻahu Director at Large and assisted HPHA’S Programs Committee in the overall planning of the event.

View the full recording of the event here:

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