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Heather Lusk, Executive Director

Heather Lusk, MSW, is the Executive Director of the Hawai'i Health and Harm Reduction Center, which is the outcome of a recent merger between The Life Foundation and the Community Health Outreach Work (CHOW) Project. Heather has over twenty-five years of experience dedicated to reducing health disparities and stigma as it relates to HIV, viral hepatitis and other chronic conditions linked to substance use. As the Chair of the Hawaii Advisory Commission on Drugs and Controlled Substances and as Vice Chair with Partners in Care, Oahu’s Homeless Coalition, Heather works to support systems integration and the intersection of mental health, substance use, homelessness, chronic health conditions and the criminal justice system.

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Nandi Ishikawa, Deputy Director of Clinical Services

Nandi has more than 17 years of management and supervisory experience in the human services field, and more than 8 years providing direct services to children, adults, and families in crisis.  Nandi has a Masters and Bachelors degree in social work.  At HHHRC, she ensures that people living with HIV on O'ahu have access to HIV medication, and competent, quality health care needed to suppress the HIV virus and live their best lives.

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Kavika Puahi, Deputy Director of Operations

Kavika has more than 15 years of non-profit experience working primarily with The CHOW Project, Hawai'i’s statewide syringe exchange program. He has managed various aspects of administration and programmatic functions during his non-profit career. At HHHRC, Kavika will continue to oversee the administrative components of the organization as well as non-clinical programs.

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Trisha Kajimura, Deputy Director - Community

Trisha Kajimura, MA, MPH, recently served as the Executive Director of Mental Health America of Hawai'i. From 2009-2012, she was HIV Care Services Director of Life Foundation. Trisha took her experiences at Life Foundation to inform her work in advocating for underserved communities. Trisha is passionate about prioritizing the dignity and humanity of each person through the challenges of their individual journey. She brings her years of advocacy and leadership experience to further develop and extend HHHRC’s mission and values to the community.

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Kunane Dreier, Health Equity Manager

Kunane is a leader within the LGTBQI Community providing ongoing cultural competency trainings to service providers.  He is experienced as a RESPECT, counseling, testing and referral, and rapid testing trainer.  Kunane served as the Director of Prevention Services at Life Foundation since 2006, and has experience working with prevention intervention strategies, linkage to care, and prevention for positives.  He has completed the Institute for HIV Prevention Leadership Program, and serves as the Hawai'i Community Planning Group Co-Chair.

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David Shaku, Public Health Engagement Manager

David manages the LEAD, Housing First, Cell-Connect Re-Entry Project, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Division pre-treatment programs, and supervises the LEAD & Hepatitis C program staff at HHHRC. He transitioned from an MSW intern working with the Community Health Outreach Work (CHOW) Project into a Case Manager with the LEAD program at HHHRC. He currently provides administrative support for staff working the frontline in the intersections of Public Health & Public Safety, brining harm reduction practices to traditionally underserved populations. David received his Bachelor & Master of Social Work degree from Hawaiʻi Pacific University. David also serves in the Behavioral Health field with the United States Army Reserve.

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Andrew Ogata, Community Relations Manager

Andrew is a well known leader within Hawaii's LGTBQI Community.   Andrew was a volunteer for over a decade with Life Foundation and The CHOW Project before joining the team as the Community Relations Manager.  Andrew oversees all of HHHRC's community events and programs, marketing, social media, and communications.  


Keli‘i Abordo, HIV Program Manager

Keli'i has been in the HIV services field for over 14 years, starting in the community doing outreach, education, and testing in our rural neighborhoods on Oahu, i.e. Waialua, Mokuleia, Waianae, Makaha and our Native Hawaiian pockets in Papakolea and Waimanalo. Keli'i co-facilitates Ke Ola Pono, HHHRC’s Native Hawaiian program, a program that fosters culturally relevant engagement with HHHRC’s Native Hawaiian HIV positive participants and their support system.  He transitioned into care services through securing Native Hawaiian HIV case management position. While in case management, Keli'i was involved in the implementation and management of HHHRC’s 340B HIV program and assisted with the establishment of HHHRC’s STD 340B program. Now, as a supervisor for medical case management, Keli'i is able to provide support for his front line team. He also assures relationships with partner agencies remain open and active. As a new supervisor Kelii is involved with HHHRC’s newest initiative, Supportive Housing Services. In Keli‘i’s spare time, he sides with Team Mystic and is Level 38, still trying to “catch ‘um all”. If you know the reference, we’re already friends.  

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Laarni Flores, HIV Program Manager

Laarni Flores has worked with people living with HIV since 2005. She began as a practicum student with Life Foundation and subsequently served as a Medical Case Manager. She fell in love with helping clients gain access to needed care so that they are able to pursue healthy and independent lives. Her longevity in the field is a result of a deep commitment to helping those in need become their own best advocates. Laarni also is grateful to her clients for teaching her how to live a life of meaning and humility.


Echo Wyche, Syringe Exchange Program Manager

Echo has more than 20 years of experience working with underserved and stigmatized populations between Alaska and Hawaii, 8 years working with those re-entering citizens and incarcerated individuals, 15 years with individuals experiencing behavioral health challenges concurrently with substance use challenges, and over 20 years with individuals experiencing substance use and misuse. Echo has a Bachelor of Science in nursing and certifications in behavioral health and addiction medicine.  At HHHRC, she ensures that people who use substances have access to harm reduction supplies and access to HIV/HCV testing and resources for continued support.



Rapid 20 minute free HIV/HEPC testing available Monday - Friday from 9am-4pm.  Walk-ins welcome, appointments also available!