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Oahu Homeless Strategic Planning Convening

Partners In Care (PIC), the 501(c)3 non-profit coalition dedicated to ending homelessness in Hawaiʻi, organized the Oʻahu Homeless Strategic Planning Convening on July 25th at Kaimana Beach Hotel. HHHRC’s Executive Director and PIC Chair, Heather Lusk, and PIC Executive Director, Laura Thielen, organized this collaborative effort involving state and local agencies to discuss and strategize ways to combat homelessness effectively.

Iain DeJong’s role as a facilitator from OrgCode provided organized and professional guidance to ensure productive discussions and outcomes. Utilizing breakout groups during this gathering is a common approach to allow participants to focus on specific areas and develop a more comprehensive list of priorities.

By creating a prioritized list of what to focus on in the future, stakeholders can better understand the key areas that need attention and allocate resources accordingly. This showed an initiative-taking approach to tackling the problem by identifying the most critical challenges and finding solutions to address them.

Such initiatives are essential for fostering collaboration, sharing ideas, and building partnerships among agencies and organizations with the common goal of ending homelessness in Hawaiʻi. Hopefully, this strategic planning will lead to concrete actions and positive changes.

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