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HHHRC’s participation in the Honolulu PRIDE Festival and Parade was a fantastic display of unity and celebration. We want to extend our warmest thanks to all the wonderful individuals who joined us, marching together with a zest for life. Your presence added a joyful spark to the event, exemplifying the essence of PRIDE with enthusiasm.

In addition to our participation, HHHRC ran a vaccination clinic at the festival in partnership with the Hawaiʻi Department of Health. This crucial collaboration allowed us to contribute to public health by providing essential vaccinations in a convenient and accessible manner. Your support, along with the tireless efforts of the Department of Health, has been instrumental in ensuring the well-being of our community.

We'd also like to sincerely thank the Hawaiʻi LGBT Legacy Foundation for organizing this remarkable event. Your dedication and hard work in bringing the community together for PRIDE festivities make it all possible, and we appreciate the opportunity to be part of this beautiful celebration.

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