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Naloxone Vending Machines

Hawaiʻi Health & Harm Reduction Center (HHHRC) has partnered with the Department of Health’s Adult Mental Health Division and Alcohol & Drug Abuse Division and many community partners to provide naloxone vending machines across the state of Hawaiʻi. This initiative addresses the overdose epidemic that has struck the nation. These vending machines provide life-saving medication to the community that can reverse opioid overdose free of charge.  

Naloxone is a very safe medication, soon to be available over the counter, that reverses opioid-related overdoses. By making this medication easily accessible, we are removing potential barriers that might prevent individuals from obtaining it when needed. This harm reduction approach aligns with HHHRC’s vision to reduce the negative consequences of drug use without judgment and discrimination.  

HHHRC’s efforts to combat the overdose epidemic reflect a compassionate and practical approach to public health. It’s a positive move towards supporting the community and potentially saving lives during this critical moment. The machines were announced to the public the same week as International Overdose Awareness Day, which takes place every year on August 31.    Naloxone vending machines will be distributed to the following community partners:

  • Hawaiʻi Health & Harm Reduction Center 

  • Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center 

  • Habilitat 

  • The Queen’s Medical Center 

  • Waimanalo Hawaiian Homes Association 

  • Department of Public Safety (DPS) 

  • Scarlet Honolulu 

  • Residential Youth Services & Empowerment (RYSE) 

  • Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD) 

  • Big Island Substance Abuse Council (BISAC) 

  • Care Hawaiʻi 

  • Community Empowerment Resources (CES) 

  • Hawaiʻi Island Fentanyl Task Force 

  • Hope Services 

  • Oʻahu Women’s Correctional Facility  

  • Iwilei Resource Center 

  • Pearl City Clinic 

  • Ekolu CER Stabilization Center 

  • Pūnāwai Rest Stop 

  • Hawaiʻi Community Correctional Facility 

  • Hilo Community Health Center 

  • Maui Community Correctional Facility 

  • Maui Community Behavioral Health Clinic 

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