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"Youth voice, youth choice" 

Guide On The Side (G.O.T.S) serves as a program that partners with at risk and houseless youth, with a specific focus on LGBTQ youth and youth who use drugs, to assist them in aching goals that they set. G.O.T.S guiding principle is to uplift “youth voice, youth choice”.  The G.O.T.S teams partners with youth throughout their whole journey of houselessness including when youth are at-risk, on the streets, and when they are housed. The stable partnership that the G.O.T.S team provides is critical to our client’s success. Often, our youth have experienced dozens of case managers and team members that come and go throughout their life. Having a case worker/organization that is consistently supporting them can be a game changer.


Please join us in sending aloha and support to our Maui `ohana.  Consider a donation to Hawai'i Community Foundation's Maui Strong fund 

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