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HHHRC Releases Documentary on the History of HIV/AIDS in Hawaiʻi

Hawaiʻi Health & Harm Reduction Center (HHHRC) is proud to announce the release of a poignant new documentary detailing the history of HIV/AIDS in Hawaiʻi.


The documentary serves as both an educational tool and a tribute to the resilience and strength of those affected by HIV/AIDS. It provides a comprehensive look at the early days of the epidemic, the community’s response, and the ongoing efforts to support those living with HIV/AIDS. Through personal stories, historical footage, and expert interviews, the film paints a vivid picture of the challenges and triumphs faced by the HIV/AIDS community in Hawaiʻi.


This powerful film not only chronicles the journey of the epidemic in the islands but also highlights the vital role played by the Life Foundation and The CHOW Project, which merged in 2018 to form HHHRC. The merger marked a significant step forward in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Hawaiʻi, combining resources and expertise to better serve the community. HHHRC continues to build on the legacy of its predecessors, offering a wide range of services, from medical care and case management to prevention education and outreach, all while embodying the values of harm reduction.


This documentary is dedicated to the memory of Paul Groesbeck, Life Foundation’s longest-standing executive director, who passed away earlier this year. Paul was a tireless advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS and a beacon of hope for many. His vision and leadership laid the groundwork for the compassionate, inclusive approach that HHHRC embodies today.


Paul’s legacy lives on through the work of HHHRC and the countless lives he touched. The documentary stands as a testament to his contributions and the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS in Hawaiʻi. It reminds us of the importance of community, compassion, and continued advocacy in the face of adversity.


We invite everyone to join us in honoring Paul Groesbeck’s memory by watching this documentary and celebrating the progress that has been achieved while recognizing the challenges that remain. Together, we can continue to make a difference and strive for a healthier, more inclusive Hawaiʻi.

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