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Honolulu AIDS Walk

The 32nd annual Honolulu AIDS Walk for Life was held on Saturday, June 17, at Kapiolani Park. The event brought together hundreds of walkers, volunteers, and sponsors and raised over $100,000 for HIV/AIDS services in Hawaiʻi.

The Honolulu AIDS Walk is the most significant fundraising event for HIV/AIDS services in Hawaiʻi. The money raised from the walk will support HHHRC's programs and services, including:

· HIV testing & counseling

· Case management

· Prevention & education

“We are so grateful to everyone who participated in the Honolulu AIDS Walk this year,” said Heather Lusk, HHHRC Executive Director. “Your support will help us continue to provide essential services to people living with HIV/AIDS in Hawaiʻi.”

The Honolulu AIDS Walk is a long-standing tradition in the community. It is a time for people to come together to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and show their support for those living with it.

“The Honolulu AIDS Walk is a powerful event that brings our community together,” said HHHRC Director of Development and the event’s chief organizer, Andrew Ogata. “It is a day to celebrate the progress we have made in the fight against HIV/AIDS and to recommit ourselves to ending the epidemic.”

The Honolulu AIDS Walk would not be possible without the support of its sponsors, teams, walkers, and volunteers.

HHHRC extends its deepest thanks to Gilead Sciences, 5 Minute Pharmacy, 7-11 Hawaiʻi, Alaska Airlines, Gay Island Guide, Genesis College, Kaimana Beach Hotel, KHON2, McDonald’s Hawaiʻi, and all our other sponsors for their generous contributions. We are also grateful to the teams and walkers who participated in the walk and solicited donations to support our work.

The volunteers who helped to make the walk a success included staff from HHHRC, as well as members of the community. Volunteers helped to register walkers, collect donations, and provide support along the walk route.

The day was a true testament to the power of community.

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