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KPOK Homelessness Services Fair in Kaka῾ako

On April 13 HHHRC co-hosted a homelessness services fair in Kaka῾ako Waterfront Park with Ka Po῾e O Kaka῾ako (KPOK) to help connect those experiencing unsheltered homelessness and housing instability with services. It was the first public event of its kind held since the start of the COVID pandemic.

Among those agencies and providers who were present at the event: U.S. Veterans Administration, Hawai῾i State Department of Human Services, Hawai῾i State Department of Health, Hawai῾i State Department of Education, Legal Aid Services of Hawai῾i, Honolulu Community College, Catholic Charities of Hawai῾i, Gregory House Programs, Kalihi-Palama Health Center, We are Oceania, and Kaiser Permanente.

“An event like this is an important opportunity to link persons experiencing homelessness with a range of services, including linkage to health screenings, veterans’ benefits, government services, educational opportunities, and legal services. We are also grateful to our co-sponsor KPOK for its efforts in helping to arrange this event and spreading the word among the houseless community in urban Honolulu. Policymakers and service providers should actively seek involvement of impacted persons in developing programs and services,” said HHHRC Executive Director Heather Lusk, who also serves as the Board Chair of Partners in Care O῾ahu, a planning, coordinating, and advocacy alliance of community stakeholders to help fill needs within O῾ahu’s Continuum of Care for homeless persons.

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