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HHHRC in the News

HHHRC Executive Director Heather Lusk suggested to Hawai῾i News Now on August 11 that a portion of the $78 million settlement that the state will receive from lawsuits against opioid manufacturers be dedicated to ensuring that first responders have adequate doses of naloxone in the years ahead. On August 1, Lusk appeared in a Hawai῾i News Now story about the fatal overdose of a 14-year-old girl due to illicit drugs containing fentanyl. HHHRC’s syringe exchange program has offered fentanyl test strips to its participants since 2019.

KITV alerted the public about a Monkeypox online panel discussion organized by HHHRC. Dr. Christina Wang was joined by Tim McCormick, Director of the Harm Reduction Services Branch of the Hawai῾i State Department of Health; Thaddeus Pham, Co-Chair of the State of Hawai῾i Sexual and Gender Minority Work Group; and Gay Island Guide CEO Walter Enriquez, Jr. For the latest information on Monkeypox in Hawai῾i, including access to vaccines, visit the Department of Health’s website.

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