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HHHRC mourns the recent passing of longtime community activist Tracy Ryan. A trans woman and professional accountant, Ryan was involved with the Libertarian Party of Hawaii for three decades and was committed to sex worker rights advocacy in the legislature and in the media. She also organized the Hawaiʻi State Harm Reduction Conference. “Tracy’s fierce advocacy and voice will be greatly missed,” said HHHRC Executive Director Heather Lusk. “She is one of the founders of the harm reduction movement in Hawaiʻi and her footprints will forever be a part of its ongoing work to reduce harm and promote health among those who have been dehumanized, criminalized, and stigmatized by dominant structures of power.” “Hawaiʻi has lost a real fighter for human rights. She was fearless, smart, and kept delivering her message,” said Kat Brady of the Community Alliance on Prisons. This January 2022 op-ed in Honolulu Civil Beat is one example of her advocacy.

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Tara Reed
Tara Reed
Feb 08, 2023

I am in shock. I know she will be missed and is cred and loved in so many ways. We knew each other in many arenas. I'm on Maui. Can someone please let me know of there will be a service?


HHHRC is proud to be a founding member of the coalition to change the outdated discriminatory Section 23 added to Hawaiʻi's Constitution a generation ago. Remove the Hawaiʻi legislature’s authority to limit marriage to opposite-sex couples. Let's make sure Hawaiʻi remains an inclusive and welcoming place for all loving couples. 

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