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Vote for HHHRC’s Tiny Float Through October 30


October is Pride Month throughout Hawaiʻi. Our friends at the Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation have presented a series of offerings. Kuaʻana Project’s Maddalynn Sesepasara and Shalani Placencia were featured in Shaka & Shine, a short documentary feature that was featured on KHON2 and is now available to watch online.

Maddalynn and Shalani joined HHHRC's Community Relations Manager Andrew Ogata and Community Research Coordinator Sophie Gralapp in providing their coming out stories. Others who offered their story included Hawaiʻi Supreme Court Justice Sabrina McKenna and state Representative Adrian Tam.

HHHRC also submitted an entry in Pride’s Tiny Float Parade again this year. Voting has been extended through October 30. Please vote for our entry here. Mahalo!

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HHHRC is proud to be a founding member of the coalition to change the outdated discriminatory Section 23 added to Hawaiʻi's Constitution a generation ago. Remove the Hawaiʻi legislature’s authority to limit marriage to opposite-sex couples. Let's make sure Hawaiʻi remains an inclusive and welcoming place for all loving couples. 

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